Stopping Creditor Harassment

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Our Attorneys Will Protect You Against Bill Collectors

If you have fallen behind on bills, you may be incessantly harassed by creditors. They may send you threatening letters and emails, contact you by phone and even send representatives to your home or workplace to collect on debts. While they do have certain rights in seeking re-payment, your rights must be defended and debt collectors must adhere to the law.

The attorneys of Weintraub & Selth, APC, have decades of experience protecting the rights of our clients and helping them put a stop to creditor harassment. For a candid discussion with an experienced attorney regarding creditor harassment, call or toll-free . All consultations are strictly confidential.

There are steps that you can take to stop creditor harassment, including writing a formal letter to your bill collectors requesting that they cease their belligerent or rude behavior. You can also have an attorney write such a letter and suggest that a legal complaint may be forthcoming. However, these may or may not be successful. One of the strongest ways to put an end to creditor harassment is to file bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy’s Automatic Stay Stops Creditor Harassment

After you file bankruptcy, a federal restraining order called the automatic stay forbids the creditor or collection company from contacting you. This becomes effective immediately, and if the creditors continue to harass you, they will face serious legal consequences. You do not have to endure the bill collectors’ tactics:

  • Annoying phone calls at all times of day and night
  • Contacting your family members, co-workers and others to ask for your whereabouts and personal information
  • Pestering you at work and at home
  • Threatening you with wage garnishment, repossession and litigation

If you believe that debt collectors are violating your rights and you need legal help in stopping creditor harassment, do not wait. Call the Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys of Weintraub & Selth, APC, and we will protect your rights and offer guidance on what your next steps should be. Often a letter from Weintraub & Selth, APC, is enough to stop creditors from hounding our clients. If more is necessary, we are well-equipped to take more aggressive steps.