Collection Lawsuits

Los Angeles Collection Lawsuit Attorneys

Our Attorneys Are On Your Side If Collectors Are Suing You

Perhaps you have been harassed for months by bill collectors and they have now taken the next step. They may have filed a collection lawsuit. You may receive notice that you are being sued by a law firm, a collection agency or a company that purchased your debt. If you are aware that you are being sued over collections or you believe such a lawsuit is inevitable, contact an attorney immediately.

Weintraub & Selth, APC, is a law firm focused on bankruptcy, debt relief, collection lawsuits and related areas of the law. For the last several decades we have guided individuals and business entities through bankruptcy and have protected our clients’ rights when they are entangled in collection lawsuits.

For a consultation and case analysis with experienced attorneys with the resources to protect your rights against debt collectors, call 310-584-7702. We may be able to put an end to creditor harassment and get the lawsuit dismissed. If it must proceed, we will tenaciously defend you and represent your best interests at hearings and in court.

If You Are Being Sued By Debt Collectors, Take Action Now

Since every case is unique, you must discuss the details of your particular situation with an experienced lawyer. We will be honest with you about your options and your chances of success. The sooner we become involved in the process, the more options may be available.

If you have already been summoned and the lawsuit is proceeding, we can craft an answer to the court. This is a formal response to the details in the complaint. There is a short window of opportunity for writing this answer so contact us as soon as possible. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough analysis of the complaint and find the evidence that can be presented in your best interests. We will respond to every claim made against you. We will diligently work to have your case dismissed so it never goes to court. We may show that:

  • The collector has no legal grounds for a lawsuit because no state laws have been violated
  • The statute of limitations has passed and the debt can no longer be collected
  • The creditor is mistaken about the amount you owe
  • The collector does not have legal standing and is not authorized to collect on the debt
  • Bankruptcy filing has been completed and grants an automatic stay delaying collection lawsuits

The above represent only a small sample of the ways we may challenge the collection lawsuit. Getting your case dismissed will be our goal but if it does proceed, we have extensive experience defending our clients in court.

Our team of attorneys and support staff will gather information and documents from you, we will analyze the case against you and we will commit ourselves to protecting your rights and long-term best interests. If you are being sued by collectors, they may have vast resources to use against you. We have the resources and the experience to protect you.