Asset Protection

Los Angeles Asset Protection Attorneys

The Property, Bank Accounts And Investments Can Be Defended

Asset protection is often the top priority for many of our clients. Many are burdened by debt and unable to pay all of their bills and are considering bankruptcy or looking for options to avoid bankruptcy. There are many options available. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge related to asset protection and may be able to help you protect your possessions, including your home, business, automobiles and other properties. Our attorneys may also be able to negotiate with your creditors and save your property from falling into foreclosure and repossession. Unless you are an attorney focused on this area of the law, you may be unaware of all of your options.

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After we collect the details of your case and determine which assets may be protected from your creditors, we will create a legal strategy tailor-made for your situation, aiming to stop asset liquidation or foreclosure. With the help of experienced lawyers, you can aggressively fight to protect your assets. We will quickly analyze your situation and find a legal strategy for asset protection that suits your goals.

Personal And Business Asset Protection In Bankruptcy

Our attorneys have nearly seven decades of experience helping businesses, individuals and families protect their assets in some of the most complex financial challenges. While we are adept at finding alternatives to bankruptcy for many of our clients, we also have the resources and experience to guide our clients through the bankruptcy process and defend their assets and property. We have a long history of success in helping clients throughout California with asset protection in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does not mean that you will lose all of your property. In fact, compared to unpaid bills and risking foreclosure or repossession, bankruptcy is often a very attractive method for asset protection. Many clients equate bankruptcy with the liquidation of their property including their home, investment properties, business inventory or any other individual, family or business assets. This is often a misconception about bankruptcy.

We will evaluate your asset protection options, which may include bankruptcy. We can also help you explore alternatives to bankruptcy that may better meet your asset protection goals, including:

We can also assist you in forming a limited liability company or family limited partnership to protect your individual, family and business assets. No matter how challenging your situation may be, we have the resources and experience to identify solutions.