Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Los Angeles Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at Weintraub & Selth, APC, have answers to your questions about bankruptcy. We also can discuss the possible alternatives to bankruptcy which are suitable for your situation. Many of our clients reach out to us believing that bankruptcy is their only option. Often, because we have decades of experience, we are able to help many of them avoid bankruptcy. In some cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option and we have assisted countless individuals through the process. Chapter 13 can eliminate or reduce many types of debt including:

  • Car loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Tax debt

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the second most popular form of personal bankruptcy, second only to Chapter 7. Although the overall filings for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California have fallen in recent years, it is still a valuable option.

Los Angeles chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys will help you get real debt relief, protect your assets and be your guides to long-term financial health. If you are being pestered by debt collectors, as soon as we file your case, such harassment will stop and you will begin the road to financial stability.

For answers to your questions about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, call (310) 584-7702 or (866) 572-2423. Our bankruptcy attorneys will defend your assets and be your advocates through the bankruptcy process.

Who is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Designed for?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option if you are a wage earner, you have assets and the equity in your home is not protected by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 may be ideal for:

  • individuals who have fallen behind on mortgage payments
  • individuals who need time to repay taxes
  • people who want to protect their homes from foreclosure
  • consumers who are being crushed beneath the burden of credit card debt with enormous interest rates and huge late payment penalties. Paying the minimum on such debt can lead to a never-ending cycle of debt.

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys handle all types of bankruptcy and we will help determine which path is best for you.
Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys are committed to delivering aggressive and creative debt solutions at affordable fees. We have developed an innovative fee structure that allows us to bundle legal services for a flat or monthly fee. This enables our clients to cap their costs for legal services or plan their monthly expense for filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Call us now to determine how we can help you.

“I hired Jim to help me file Bankruptcy. With just a single fee, Jim help me with this case for almost 3 years. I requested delays for many reasons. The most important of which was to not decrease my chances of renegotiating the loan on my condo. Jim prepared the case so well, that when we finally went to court it was as painless as possible. Jim went above and beyond what most attorneys would have done. Although this was a very difficult time in my life, the upside is I met someone that I consider a good friend.” -Michael