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Bankruptcy & Investment Real Estate Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure on Investment Real Estate

Many of our clients own real estate investments in Southern California. Many of them are surprised to learn that the loans they secured for those properties were mishandled or the terms were misrepresented. Another issue facing many of them is leasers and renters who have lost their jobs and are unable to pay their bills. While many of the housing market problems of the Great Recession have passed, many are still present. Many of our clients facing financial challenges do not realize that these issues are impacting them until they turn to experienced bankruptcy attorneys who pore over their mortgage documents.

If you own investment properties, consult a knowledgeable lawyer who can review your mortgage documents for any problems or instances of misrepresentation. Unscrupulous and unregulated brokers have been known to check “owner-occupied” on mortgage loan applications for investment properties. That may be fraud, and you might be implicated. You need to contact an attorney who can take quick and decisive action to limit your exposure and identify any other possible problems with your real estate investment loans.

Call us at (310) 620-1008 or toll free (877) 716-7285 for a confidential consultation with experienced attorneys.

The Great Recession and Investment Properties

Many of our clients in Southern California believed that an investment in real estate was a safe place to put their money. When the economy was particularly strong and the housing market was robust, many saw substantial returns. However, the Great Recession can still be felt for many of these investors.

If you own investment real estate, the economic downturn may have created a domino effect of mortgage payment shortfalls. If your renters have stopped paying their bills, this may have a massive impact on your finances and force you to consider drastic measures. There are alternatives though.

The Los Angeles bankruptcy and debt relief law firm of Weintraub & Selth, APC, may be able to help you stop foreclosure on investment real estate. When you contact us for an initial consultation, one of our experienced attorneys will help you understand your rights and identify a real strategy for dealing with overwhelming debt associated with investment real estate. Some of these options may include:

  • Personal or business bankruptcy that allows you to protect certain assets, including your home and investment real estate
  • Out-of-court debt workout to stop foreclosure and allow you the time identify investors
  • Home loan restructure or mortgage renegotiation to avoid both foreclosure and bankruptcy

You may be unaware of the many options you have for protecting your real estate investments and the many ways you can protect your assets. Call us for the answers you need.