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There are many entrepreneurs that would consider filing for bankruptcy relief the failure of their business. Fortunately, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers a number of advantages to struggling business owners which can help them keep their business, get back on their feet, and move forward. Our Los Angeles debt relief team outlines some of the ways businesses can benefit from filing for bankruptcy below.

Reducing and Eliminating Debt

One of the primary goals of filing for bankruptcy is the reduction or elimination of debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives businesses many options in dealing with debt Here are some types of debts that most commonly plague business owners:

  • Tax Debts: Past-due taxes incurred by the business fall into two categories-priority and non-priority tax.
    • A business owner is allowed 5 years from filing for bankruptcy relief to repay priority taxes, providing an affordable repayment plan. Priority taxes include payroll and recently incurred (basically within the last 3 years) income taxes.
    • Nearly all other taxes are non-priority taxes and can be dramatically reduced or completely eliminated.
  • Unsecured Debts: These debts are your accounts payable and usually court judgments. They include vendor debt, unsecured bank loans, and many judgments and taxes. These debts are often paid pennies on the dollar in bankruptcy and allow you to give your business a fresh start with a very manageable debt load.
  • Secured Debts: These are debts that have collateral behind them. These can be debts on real estate, accounts receivable and inventory, work vehicles, and other equipment used for work. With a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you can reduce the loan balance to the value of the collateral and the associated payments as well. This reduces your monthly payments immediately.

Keeping Doors Open

One of the biggest, and most notable, features of filing for bankruptcy as a business is the freezing of all collection and legal processes against you. You are also given the ability to start and completely finish the process without closing your business down. The goal is to restructure your current payment obligations to make them more affordable and get the time you need to modify your operations, all while being given the opportunity to make a profit during the process.

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