How Labor Cases Cause Problems for Business Owners

Business owner worried while looking at paperwork

Bogus lawsuits have plagued business owners for decades. With a seemingly endless list of labor laws existing in California, business owners are constantly frustrated by baseless claims. Below you will find the most common lawsuits filed against business owners in the state of California.

Top 5 Labor Cases Filed Against Business Owners

1. Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

The most common type of lawsuit that business owners face today is undoubtedly wrongful termination. Many small business owners are simply unaware of the myriad of labor laws the state of California enforces and are put in difficult positions when they find themselves accused of breaking them.

These claims come on the backs of accusations such as discrimination and mismanagement, and end up being very costly. The most difficult aspect of these lawsuits is they are rarely based on intent, even when the aim of the employer was never to discriminate against the employee.

2. Wage and Hour Claims

These lawsuits are filed by employees who accuse their employer of the refusal to pay them for breaks and overtime. These cases can be easily filed by opposing attorneys, and cost employers a great deal of money when not properly addressed.

3. Actions of Employees

Lawsuits have even been brought against employers for actions taken by their employees. If customers or clients of a business feel as though they have been discriminated against or wronged by an employee, many sue the employer as being responsible.

4. Discrimination

Most discrimination lawsuits occur from misinformed managerial practices. Oftentimes, small business owners are never even aware that their acts result in discrimination and are not aware of the intricate details found in anti-discrimination laws.

5. COVID-19 Violations

During the current health crisis, every business in the state of California has been required to meet certain criteria in order to merely keep their doors open. Even when all of these guidelines are met, lawsuits are still being filed by customers who catch the virus. The issues with these cases, most of the time, lies with customers. A business can do everything it can to adhere to the law, and one customer with COVID and no mask can spread the disease and leave the owner liable.

How Weintraub Zolkin Talerico & Selth Can Help Resolve Labor Cases

We are committed to helping businesses find their way through the labyrinth that is labor and employment laws. Getting stuck with unjust lawsuits can come at a severe cost if left unchecked, and we are prepared to provide personalized services to help you find success.

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