Cash Flow Management is Key to Small-Business Success

The long-term health of any business revolves around cash flow – what money comes in and what goes out. Ideally, more comes in than goes out over the long haul, but there inevitably will be periods where that is not the case.

Alexandra Levit, a business consultant and author, spoke with entrepreneurs Brandon Harris and Christine Yaged, who provided these cash flow management tips.

Stay within your means. Set a modest credit limit and stick to it. Even if your business is growing rapidly, it’s important to stay on top of bills and keep spending under control.

Dont scale too quickly. Growth is good. For many businesses, it is the overarching goal. However, don’t get sucked in by the lure of expansion if it requires too much credit. “I’ve tried the fast, hard money route, and the stress on your business and your life is simply not worth it,” says Harris.

Know your numbers. Managing cash flow smartly requires a thorough understanding of every penny that comes in and goes out. If accounting isn’t a strength, it may be worth hiring a chief financial officer.

Small adjustments can make a big difference. Don’t panic if cash flow isn’t positive, but do act. Small changes can turn things around. Look for ways to create more consistent revenue streams and cut costs. Harris recommends putting securing the right credit cards or lines of credit to provide float if needed.

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