Tax Dischargeability Restructuring

Tax Dischargeability & Restructuring

Tax Debt Assistance For Businesses And Individuals

You have options if you have fallen behind on your tax responsibilities. Rather than living with the stress and trying to avoid the IRS, deal with the situation by seeking out the counsel of qualified tax debt relief attorneys. Our attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience assisting individuals and businesses struggling with tax debt. The initial taxes may be a challenge but when penalties and interest are also assessed, the tax debt can seem overwhelming. Turn to Weintraub & Selth, APC, for help resolving even your most serious tax debt issues.

Our attorneys routinely negotiate with the IRS to help clients discharge taxes and resolve tax issues. Restructuring your tax debt may be one solution and there may be others. From our offices in Los Angeles, our legal team helps individuals and businesses with tax management and tax restructuring using all available legal methods.

For a candid and confidential consultation about your tax debt with highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys, call 310-584-7702. Or contact us online.

IRS Tax Debt Solutions

The IRS offers few options to deal with outstanding tax liabilities. Because we have been bankruptcy attorneys for many years and have represented thousands of people through the bankruptcy process, we know how to maximize the few opportunities provided by the IRS. A solution that is appropriate for your situation may include setting up a fair installment repayment plan or negotiating an equitable offer in compromise. You may be allowed certain scheduled expense deductions when calculating what you have to repay. Whether you are a business owner, a member of a corporation or an individual with tax debt, we can help.

  • Tax Help For Individuals: For individuals who need to discharge taxes or settle an outstanding tax debt, sometimes the installment agreement that the IRS will offer will be a higher amount and due faster than if that person files for bankruptcy. We can help you determine what avenue would best meet your needs and then help you navigate the steps to accomplish this goal.
  • Tax Help For Businesses: We also help businesses discharge tax debts. The IRS and other taxing agencies tend to be very inflexible when it comes to repayment options but, if you file for bankruptcy, you may be allowed up to five years to repay your debts.

No matter what your financial situation, we can help you work out a solution through careful planning. We can help you realize which taxes are not dischargeable and how to restructure your debt and negotiate a feasible repayment plan. Contact us now to discuss tax dischargeability and restructuring options.