Filing Bankruptcy Is Always The Last Resort

But It's only one of the tools in our tool box

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Four Reasons To Choose Us

a True Full Service Bankruptcy Law Firm

One of the few true full service bankruptcy firms in Los Angeles specializing in all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code and out of bankruptcy solutions.



Our lawyers have big firm training and expertise offered to clients in a cost effective, boutique firm environment.


we offer cost effective expertise

Flexible fee arrangements enable small and mid sized businesses to obtain the type of relief usually reserved only for large companies.



We are dedicated to our client’s success and tailor custom solutions for each case.

Debt Collections & Enforcement Judgment

Collection Attorneys

Weintraub & Selth, APC, is a law firm well-versed in collector representation. We also represent debtors through bankruptcy and other debt relief strategies. Since we have been practicing in this area of the law for decades, our attorneys know how to use our extensive experience for our clients no matter which side of debt they are on. We help creditors collect what they are owed, even if their debtor files for bankruptcy. Contact us for representation in debt collections and the enforcement of judgments, prejudgment attachments and receiverships.

Our collection attorneys handle debt collection litigation in state courts throughout California. We dedicate our vast experience and resources to obtaining judgments against the debtor. However, obtaining a judgment is only part of the process. We then rely on our relationships with experienced investigators to conduct an asset search and use the levy process to turn the judgment into actual cash.

If debtors are threatening to file bankruptcy to prevent you from collecting what you are owed, we are on your side. Our attorneys are experienced in protecting creditor rights and achieving debt recovery even when the debtor files bankruptcy. Call us at (310) 620-1008 or toll free (877) 716-7285 to discuss your rights.

Collect What you Are Owed

If you have won a judgment, the court does not collect the funds for you. You are responsible. We can help. While the court may provide documentation to support your case, actually retrieving the funds you are owed can be tedious unless you have skilled collection attorneys working on your side.

The debtor may relocate several times. They may hide their assets. They may change jobs or even change their name. This can make collecting what you are owed very difficult. Do not give up. Instead, turn to our tenacious and knowledgeable collections attorneys. You will not have to get bogged down in the minutiae of collections. Instead, you can rely on our aggressive attorneys who know how to collect what is yours.

Our collections attorneys are committed to delivering aggressive, creative and ethical debt collection solutions at affordable fees. We have developed an innovative fee structure that allows us to handle many matters on a flat fee or fee cap basis. This enables our clients to plan their monthly expense for attorneys’ fees or cap their costs for legal services. To pursue what you are owed, call Weitraub & Selth.