Restructuring Debt

Los Angeles Attorneys For Debt Restructuring

Restructure Your Debt With Experienced Attorneys On Your Side

If you are seeking Los Angeles attorneys for debt restructuring, call for immediate assistance from experienced Los Angeles business bankruptcy lawyers. Sometimes a bankruptcy filing for your business is not the best choice, and we may be able to help you identify other options. Our lawyers are highly experienced business bankruptcy attorneys, but we are also extremely experienced at helping business owners avoid bankruptcy. If you contact us early enough, our Los Angeles attorneys for debt restructuring may be able to help you avoid bankruptcy altogether, help you keep your business open and stabilize your finances.

Alternatives to bankruptcy and opportunities for debt management solutions can often be found outside the courts and generally involve negotiation between the business owner and those parties who hold the debt. With the right attorneys on your side, these negotiations have a much higher chance of being resolved in your favor.

Your business may be in a stronger position by negotiating a debt restructuring plan. But a thorough analysis of your business’ financial situation is imperative prior to the development of such a plan. Some of the items to consider include:

  • What is the total amount of debt owed?
  • How many types of debt exist and to what extent?
  • Is there an unusual time frame (urgency) associated with any particular debt?

In addition to understanding your business’ current financial situation, it’s equally important to consider the road that led to the problems. Speaking with a knowledgeable Los Angeles business bankruptcy attorney can illuminate detrimental legal or fiscal matters that can be avoided in the future. Weintraub & Selth, APC’s lawyers offer practical advice to guide you through a restructuring of debt. We can also offer a road map for your financial future that may help you avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to initial economic struggles. We have decades of experience as Los Angeles business bankruptcy attorneys who negotiate with creditors.

Contact us to discuss the details of your situation in a consultation.

Experienced Lawyers Protecting Your Financial Interests

Creditors would prefer that a business owner not file for bankruptcy. If your business files for bankruptcy protection, creditors will likely recover less than what they might in a private negotiation. They may recover nothing at all. In many cases, debt restructuring is in the best interest of all parties involved. Such a program may involve a reduction in the interest rate, a change in payment plans, or even a reduction of the principal amount owed.

If you operate a business in Los Angeles, our experienced lawyers may be able to assist you with even the most challenging financial situations. If bankruptcy is the right solution for you, this is what we will advise. However, many of our clients turn to us believing that they have few other options.

Because we have dedicated our professional lives to this area of law and because we have decades of experience, we can offer options. No matter the path that is most attractive, we will be your guides. We can protect your interests in the negotiation process while also allowing you to meet your debt obligation. Banks may be willing to waive accrued interest on your debt or consider a settlement for a significantly lower amount due. Landlords may be willing to adjust lease terms or make other concessions to keep your tenancy. Before turning to us, many of our clients were unaware of the many options available.

Call our Los Angeles business bankruptcy attorneys and see what they can do for you and your peace of mind. We may be able to negotiate with creditors on your behalf and help you emerge into a healthier financial situation.